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Joanna is a detail-oriented creative enthusiast with a passion for both manual crafts and digital content creation. After a decade as an Office Manager in the corporate world, she embarked on a new adventure to harness her creative skills. In 2019, Joanna moved from Poland to Canada, seeking fresh experiences and an opportunity to refine her English proficiency. During her first year in Canada, she explored the vast landscapes of the country and ventured to various corners of the globe. It was at a filmmaking retreat organized by well-known YouTuber Gene Nagata that Joanna discovered her passion for the creative process of video content creation. She felt inspired to connect her creativity with filmmaking and video editing, marking the beginning of her educational journey. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Joanna remained dedicated to honing her skills in marketing, graphic design, and video editing during the lockdown.


Hi, I'm Joanna Gryzewska!

As an award-winning video creator and Final Cut Pro editor based in Toronto, I specialize in crafting engaging videos that boost brand awareness and resonate with target audiences.

I bring your brand's vision to life from concept to final cut, using a blend of creativity and expertise. Whether we're starting from scratch or using your existing assets, I create videos that embody your brand's values and mission.

With an artistic eye, meticulous attention to detail, and a talent for creating dynamic videos, I produce content for ads, product showcases, websites, and social media. My focus is on ensuring your brand stands out and connects effectively.

If you are looking for visually stunning and impactful video content that can help elevate your brand, feel free to reach out to me today to discuss how we can work together.

*Thanks to remote work capabilities, I am able to collaborate with clients worldwide.

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